Solar, Sun, and the electrification of the home space.  I wanted save on electricity and become environmentally friendly. I talked to friends and family who had installed solar while reading blogs on websites, watching videos, and then calling companies to learn about their products and services. Why is solar different. 

Solar Goat  - this guy is an installer of all types of solar panels
Undecided with Matt Farrell - he provides a good background on solar 

I secured quotes from Tesla, SunPower and a number of local solar contractors found on Yelp. It was important to find the company with the best solar panels and the highest reviews for installation. Panasonic had the highest rated panels and longevity of use. Many solar panel are manufactured by the same factories overseas, but the warranty was most important to me as well as the name brand.

It was key to learn the intricacies of the LADWP bill and compare it to the average rate of consumption along with how much power the solar panels would generate. Because of the addition to my house, I had to get a series of testing and energy efficiency measures done, so we would know the usage and what the panels would cover. The HERS test was a good calculation of usage, and the contractor was able to estimate a reasonable amount of monthly output of the system. 

I believe in solar for warm weather, high sun climates. As our energy bills increase, the cost to warm and cool are houses increase so does the cost of electricity. We can create our power with help of  the Federal home owner rebates and more efficient energy consumption. 

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