Our guests are professionals and vacationers who are looking for a Zen atmosphere to enjoy, a home away from home either while on vacation or traveling for work. 
Home Owners
People that have second homes or vacation properties that wish to maximize the rental profitability while still having the flexibility to enjoy the property themselves.
Contract: We will establish a 12 month C.A.R. (California Association of Realtors ) agreement with you to market and manage your property. 
Market Rate: Before setting the contract we will discuss a floor and ceiling rental income that will vary based on length of stay and time of year. For each tenant we discuss your rate and terms for the stay. 
Fully Furnished: Your house is to be delivered fully furnished with all living supplies for the tenant. 
Mortgages and Taxes: Your property liens must kept be up to date so guest stays go without disruption. 
Utilities: You will be responsible for all bills associated with the property including cable or internet based tv. There should also be bi-monthly or weekly gardening. If the guest requires something extra or has additional requests they will be responsible for the costs. 
Fees: We earn 30% of the gross monthly rent. We typically spend 10-15 hours pre-engagement setting up and marketing your property, contract negotiation with the tenant and then the daily, weekly and monthly management plus the legal and book keeping that come along with your property.  
Incidentals: If something does arise during the stay anything over $200 we will need to have your approval to repair or replace.
Accidents: if there is damage to the property the tenant will take 100% responsibility for the repair and replacement. 
Year End Improvement: We ask that all of our owners take 10% of the yearly earnings and invest it back into the property. In December, you will be given a list of items that need to be addressed with the property and we would like for you to improve upon the house going into the new year. It helps with the overall upkeep and issues that could arise during the future guest's stay. These items could be: appliances, furnishings, landscaping, painting interior or exterior. N.B. (Most updates and upgrades in an income property are tax deductible but please consult with your CPA. )
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